Monday, December 31, 2012

Innocent Worls LP

So my lucky pack came in the mail on Saturday and no one was home to sign for it so seeing as it is now Monday we took the trip to our post office to pick it up!

This is my second lucky pack that I have ordered..this time from Innocent World!
This is what I got!

I may end up selling this seeing as it is too small
This blouse is lovely but is too small and I will have to sell it

Think I will keep this skirt

Will have to sell this too...

I got the most lovely coat! I love this!

selling this too small

I am not much of a bow person but I like this one so I am thinking of keeping it!

I feel like this was a very nice lucky pack but most of the items are too small for me so most of them are going to be sold....If any one has any interest in anything let me know!