Monday, December 31, 2012

Innocent Worls LP

So my lucky pack came in the mail on Saturday and no one was home to sign for it so seeing as it is now Monday we took the trip to our post office to pick it up!

This is my second lucky pack that I have ordered..this time from Innocent World!
This is what I got!

I may end up selling this seeing as it is too small
This blouse is lovely but is too small and I will have to sell it

Think I will keep this skirt

Will have to sell this too...

I got the most lovely coat! I love this!

selling this too small

I am not much of a bow person but I like this one so I am thinking of keeping it!

I feel like this was a very nice lucky pack but most of the items are too small for me so most of them are going to be sold....If any one has any interest in anything let me know!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Perfectly Good Snack!

Is it wrong that I like to take the "Perfectly Good Snack" that is cut celery and peanut butter and add either marshmallow or chocolate chips? Not very often mind you that would not be healthy just every once in a while. Or at least when ever we actually have the stuff in the house...Try it some time and see if ya'll think its good too! My husband thinks its kinda odd and not for him, which is not all that unusual seeing as he says I like weird things...Ya'll should have seen him when I shared my childhood snack of toast with a mix of peanut butter with syrup...Had an uncle hook my sister and I on it...Have not done it since sharing it with my husband...I also like dried squid which he thinks is absolutely disgusting....I know I know many of you might agree.. Any one have a snack many people seem to think is odd? Share them if you get the chance to! You just might find someone that is willing to try and just might find it enjoyable!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Something in my head

There's something in my head.
I can feel 'em movin' around,
squirming and turning

Telling me lies,
horrible stories.
poisoning my mind!

showing me pictures in my sleep,
and even in my waking.
The pictures!
OH the horrible pictures!

My mind!
Am I being poisoned?
Am I going crazy?

There's someone in my head.
I can feel 'em movin' around,
squirming and turning
biting and clawing.

Am I being poisoned?
Am I going crazy?
Am I who I really think I am?
Or is this person really me and I'm really that person?
Whats happening to me?
I'm being poisoned!
I'm going crazy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cruising along

So I got married last Sunday, October 21st, and for our honeymoon we decided to take a cruise! It started out well and dandy we woke up early Monday morning started our 5.5 hour drive to Jacksonville, Fl. that went by in almost a flash! Then we got to the port and our first problem after we bought our tickets and paid for them we got a call a few weeks later asking if we wanted to upgrade to this limited time offer of the "Owners suite", which is obviously reserved for the cruise line owner and also celebrities. Usually it was to be rented out for the cost of the VIP suite we got plus an extra  $1000 a night so that would have been and extra $5000 tacked onto our cost but we got it for a flat fee of $1700. When we were talking to the guy helping us with the upgrade I asked what we needed to print out, and in return I was told that all we needed were the luggage tags and that would identify us as the current owners of the penthouse suite. We would then be personally escorted up to our room and our luggage would arrive after us....WONG!! every turn we had to explain that we were told not to print out a receipt stating that we had the penthouse..but in the end it was all sorted out and we were indeed escorted up to the ship past all the other lines and strait to our room( just getting a VIP suite is worth it trust me). The room was absolutely lovely!

We over looked the pool area on deck and had our own balcony, and no kids running screaming up and down the halls around us because there were only the 2 rooms up there that mirrored each other. The doors for these rooms are set back away from normal walking areas so most people don't know they are there. Ok, so the beginning of day one is off to a great start really just one small blip that's all and it stayed that way, we wondered the ship for a while (got lost a lot) and watched the ship take off. That is something you want to watch, the Captain had to swing the ship and to a 180 degree turn to go back down the canal. If anyone tells you that because of the size of these ships you will not feel them moving or rocking then they are partially correct. For the most part you can't but I still did and this was an odd experience but was fine..just don't focus to hard out one of the windows in the dinning areas because that made me feel kinda "floaty headed".  Every day they have different events and activities you can do, I suggest looking up the ship you are going to be on and seeing what types of things they generally do event ways to get a good idea just keep in mind every couple of years they change things around so that those re-taking the same cruise don't experience the same thing over and over again. I recommend taking in the "Showtimes", which take place in their theater area on stage they did "Hay Mambo!" on our second day. Worth it just worth it's free so hey why not?
I do want to recommend 2 things to ya'll reading this
TIP: When selecting the dinning times options I say try getting the "Anytime" dinning this way you can do the formalish sit down dinning anywhere between the first dinning time and like 9 I think. This is all about having flexibility in deciding in what you want to do. Oh and when you do sit down at your table they will offer you 2 different types of bottled water unless you have an aversion to iced tap water I would say pass on the bottled ones...the one we got the first day was like $4.
TIP: If you like soda and drink a bit of it I recommend seeing if you can get something like an "Endless Bubbles" card...I believe most cruise lines have one..ours was like $37 for the 5 day trip we took and it paid for its self...the ship we were on was charging about $2 a glass so in like 4 glasses it has paid for the cost..I like soda and they had Sprite so I was happy! This wont cover room service though!
OK so day 2 was good we wondered the ship checked out some of their events ate lots of food (guys the food is paid into your room cost so eat up!) looked at the shops.

TIP: If you buy alcohol on board your ship they will probably keep it till the end of the trip and there are customs fees if you buy past a certain amount so I recommend looking into that before you buy on the ship or even at any ports..

We don't swim much and I don't like to sit in a hot tub so we didn't do any of those but you should know the obvious things like SUNBLOCK!
Don't forget to make friends..we did they were an older couple probably about our parents age but they were nice and gave us advise about some of the things they do on board event wise and stuff. They usually do the "Captain's Dinner" on this night also. That means your gonna have to dress up and look all pretty! Usually this is an opportunity for photos, they will probably have photographers all over the ship to take the pics for you, again I say do it! Do as many as you can stand to, there is no obligation to buy them the next day and you just might find one or two you like..but be warned the portraits were like $22 each when we did ours (we got 2 of them). I liked this night because it gave me a chance to wear a dress that hasn't been worn in a while!

Day 3 was a port day. Now they still do activities on the ship for those that do not want to go to the port and walk around. Our first port was Key West, Fl....I know I know not very exotic but we had never been and it was interesting to see it...they have a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum and a Peppers of Key West...(that's a hot sauce bar and this little mall area that's close to the port but its not great the only thing I recommend there is going to the second floor to the animal in counter and see if the guy will let you do the "ultimate encounter" which is a planetarium thing..its not "OMG This is AMAZING!!!" or anything  like that but it is interesting..though I do have to warn you the guy is religious so it has touches of that in there so if you get offended by stuff like that don't do it! And if you follow the shore off towards the right side there is this convenience store down there that has like beer for $2 a bottle and the guy will give you a cup if you want to drink it while you walk....YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR BEER IN A RED CUP IF YOU ARE DRINKING IT AS YOU WALK AROUND.....DO NOT IGNORE THIS!!!
I was a little disappointed in how little time we got to have at the port but they have other ships coming and going so it is what it is...and I think you can imagine how the rest of the day went for can also do "excursions if you want paid tours and things like swimming with dolphins and stuff like that if you want to but we didn't want to and just decided to walk around..though I think we should have rented like bikes or something because we could have gone farther out but hind sight is 20/20...

Ok now this is where my trip gets disappointing....After the Key West we were supposed to go to the Nassau, Bahamas...but guess what? Tropical Storm Sandy became Hurricane Sandy and we couldn't (for safety reasons) go to Nassau...I understand I really do and we kind of saw this coming but none the less it is the next 2 days were spent on a ship that was rocking so bad that sober people were walking like drunken sailors..and the pool had to be drained...At this point I started to feel sick and spent the last 2 days of our trip with a stomach that was rolling around and flipping about like crazy...we suddenly became the Oceans "Rubber Ducky". Not Fun....we were looking forward to the second show they had on day 4 but both showings had to be canceled due to the hazard a moving stage introduced...didn't wand the saying "break a leg" to become a bad luck accident.. Understandable but still I was looking forward to this showing because the last show they had was so much fun...and they said that it would be one of the last few times they did it because at the beginning of the year the ship would be docked for a while and they were going to update the ship and shows..

Another good thing about if you do get any of the VIP suites is that if you decide on assisted disembarkation ( if you need help getting your luggage off the ship on the last day) is that you are called in group 1 after they do unassisted disembarkation, and they do those by what floor you are on.
we were up and off the ship almost as fast as we were escorted on the ship. And then we were through customs and to our car and off we went back on our 5.5 hour drive back home!

 Don't forget that most cruises will let you bring a bottle of wine on board with you per person...ours allowed 750ml bottles...and they can be pre-opened before boarding the ship so if you have any in your house don't worry about buying new bottles..just make sure they go in your carry-on luggage...we got some from our parents and that mixed with our soda card made some *cough, cough* good mixed drinks....*cough, cough*
REMEMBER the cost of alcoholic drinks like beer and mojitos and stuff like that are killer...

And start packing and gathering things for this trip in advance I started at least 2 days before we left!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

People are Weird..

Ok so I some times get asked some odd/stupid questions when I am at work...they go like this...

"Was the rotisserie chicken made today?" *customer holds up a container of out Hot Rotisserie chicken*.....( If you ever buy a Hot rotisserie chicken from anywhere never go back....its bad for your health to do so)

"So this Honey smoked, Maple glazed ham is it like a honey ham?.....( I got this today and had to try really hard not to raise my eye brow at the man asking this question....I kind of understand the confusion because it is smoked and glazed with honey and maple flavors but come on!)

Or people come up to our counter look at the meats in our case for like 5min. look up at us and ask, "Ya'll got any ham?" or " What kind of meat do you sell?"......( yea..ummm....I'm not gonna comment on that one....)

Some times a customer will walk up look at the meats and proceed to shout " Can I get a pound of ham, chicken and um.....Swiss!"....( First of the case that the meats are cased in are about 3 feet long each and we have 4 of people really think that they make that many different kinds of meats to slice for lunch meats?..yes sir I only carry one ham, turkey, chicken, roast beef, one bologna, we also have zebra, duck, goose, buffalo, horse, dog, cat, sheep.....ok I think you get my point.....and it kills us even more when the customer has been staring at the meats for a while too...and I don't mean just blankly staring at it. I mean they are bent over, face a few inches from the glass and we can see their lips move as they read some of the names.....)

Oh and seeing as we are next to the bakery area customers seem to think we know all about the baked goods...or can cut or Ice a name into a cake for them.....all I know how to do is run the bread through one of the slicing machines....

Some days I wonder if they do this on purpose just to mess with us or if they don't notice how much it annoys us.....especially when the person before them just did the same thing and we have to go through the same explanation or process....I don't know maybe one of you guys can tell me...or something because it just hurts to think people just leave their brains at home when they go shopping.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grimm Tales

I just bought myself a new book and so far it is absolutely wonderful!
I had been looking for a while for a book with the complete tale by the brothers Grimm. 
Today while in the book store I happened upon this and could not resist picking it up!!!
The introduction to the book is written by Ken Mondschein, PhD and I think he did a wonderful job at it, his introduction was well thought out and sectioned. I learned a little about the brothers and the time period that I did not know from the introduction and I think it will help me to understand the stories better.
The book itself looks lovely, leather bound(fake leather of course), gold edged pages and it even has a page marker! I like that it has a page marker because I am always forgetting my book mark or its falling out of my book. Can't wait to get to the more popular and modernized stories like "Cinderella" and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to see how different they are now compared to the originals.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I went shopping yesterday with my fiance, for groceries and the like,  and I had told him that we were going to get stuck in the rain. Sure enough by the time we were half way into our shopping it started to down pour. We ended up adding 2 umbrellas to our list of things to grab on the way out seeing as I had left mine in the car and that the only one we own is a small one person umbrella. So we find the area were the store keeps their umbrellas, and being a guy he get a basic black one nothing fancy, I on the other hand had my eye on one of those rainbow colored ones..when I came across this lovely umbrella

Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" I just love this painting and think it makes a lovely umbrella...The store also had this other umbrella

Which I am finding these lovely museum inspired umbrellas are absolutely fantastic! There are so many designs and I think they would make wonderful accessories to a lolita outfit! Think I will have to use mine with my favorite high waist-ed skirt from Fan+Friend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So I am a big fan of the Lolita fashion and I wear it every chance I get. The only problem is that Lolita can get expensive. I've found a few tips to help bring the cost of looking good in my Lolita outfits and not spending a ton of money..

So this picture is one off the Bodyline website and I do own it..I fell in love with it and took a while before buying it as I always do before buying my Lolita clothing...what I loved were these point...
1. The straps detached
2. the dress could be worn separate
3. the base bows detached
4. the skirt expands..

I have worn the JSK with so many other outfits this was a wonderful buy for me...and I love multipurpose outfits..

     worn with a button up shirt (an old one I already had) and striped thi-hi socks that were bought at a local store...(I love thi-hi socks)

Same JSK and same socks but I wore a shirt that was given to me from a friend..actually we traded shirts. I also have 2 bows in my hair the white one you can see at the base of the braid and a black at the top...(I tend to braid my hair a lot).

Although I will say one thing I am very lucky to have great friends who are also into Lolita and are willing to trade/give/sell items to me. Make friends in your local Lolita communities because,as you will find, Lolitas tend to try sell older items locally and to friends before they put them online.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So this is my first post...YAY me! Um I have been going back and forth on weather or not I would make a blog for a while now and I guess I just broke down and did it...not sure exactly what I will put up, or how often I will post so we will just have to wait and see..