Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The OCM Challenge!

OK! So after reading onegoodthingbyjillee on the Oil Cleansing Method I decided to give it a go!
I usually have oily skin even after I wash and am constantly fighting that shiny face look...
I have been using JoJoba Oil instead of Extra Virgin Oil because I couldn't bring myself to put EVO on my face...I also added in a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in too..maybe like 3 drops in a 4-5 ounce bottle.

The combination I used was 2ounces of the Castor Oil and 1ounce of the Jojoba, the a few drops of the Tea Tree Oil...I really like this combination! My skin feels really good, too! Most of the oily and greasy feeling is gone, I say that because I don't think it will go away till I stop working with fryers so I am happy right now...

I read a few other bloggs on this method and saw that a few people said it made them break out with lots of black heads and stuff and I had a thought on this..Its not that it makes you break out I think its more of it brings them to the surface..I did notice at first that my black heads were more notice able but after a few days of doing this a few times they seem to be going a way....Then again I am also Cheating a bit too......lol.....I will get to that in a moment....

OK so I suggest reading the onegoodthingbyjillee link that I have and also reading the other links that she has posted just to get all the info you can so you know if this is something you really want to do....
What I like is that there really is no limit on how much or how often this can be done...even though I usually only do this at night after work but sometimes I will also do this in the morning or just when ever I feel I need to.....
So what you do is mix your combination..my suggestion is to get  a bottle to pre-make a bit to try out...I got a 5oz bottle to do this with...pour some in your hands and massage gently onto face for a minute or so then steam your face with a warm ( or how ever warm you can stand), then repeat till you are satisfied...next you will rinse your towel and wipe your face of the excess oil..then you are supposed to rinse your towel in cool water to help shrink your pores...now what I will do every now and then is use a pore strip..on my nose and chin to help..then use the cool towel...now that is just me and you can do what you would like...
I will note this I have this odd pore on my right cheek that is really big and deep that I have  not been able to get anything out of but just recently was able to get part of a black head out and seems less noticeable...so I am happy!!!

OH OH before I forget you can also use this before you take a shower to steam your face then wipe it off while in the shower...just in case this may seem easier for you...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Mayonase Story


So one night I was closing work with Juan and another member of our group. When I walked up to Juan (who was restocking breads) and ask him, "have you ever had one of those moments when you are holding something in your hand and your mind makes this "left field" leap to a thought that is just tangent on what you are holding?" Juan looks up at me and answers, "yes of coarse." 
(This is where my mind makes that "left field" leap, Im a dirty thinker ok guys!)
" So I was just standing there holding this jar of mayo getting to put it away, ok. When for some reason, I have no idea why, my mind decides to "leap" to this article I remember reading in the newspaper. This article was about how they are planning to make it a requirement for porn actors to use condoms at all times while on the film stages, and how they would regulate this requirement. (you probably have a good idea of where im going with this) The article covered a few ideas but one stuck with me about how they could have "surprise" visits to film sets to see if the actors are wearing condoms. Suddenly I had this mental image of Department X* making a surprise visit to a film sight." at the end of this Juan suddenly erupts into laughter just as Brian one of the guys form another departments comes up to start stocking his stuff. On seeing the look on Juan's face and hearing him tell me that there is something wrong with me, Brian looks at me and said, "I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!" 
So naturally I just had to tell him....( Im twisted am I not?) At the end of my story, which he did listen to, Brian erupts into laughter too saying he already had a problem with mayo after puberty but I just made it worse! 
Now every time I see either one I cant help but say, in a sing song voice, "MMMMAAAAYYYOOOONNNAAASEE...." and enjoy the satisfaction of watching them erupt into more laughter.....

NOTE*: Department X- we hire an out-side company to "grade" each department kind of like the Health Department does only they are harder to pass....I am talking like they show up in lab-coats and stuff...if everything "looks" clean they go looking for things....in places most people don't usually clean.

Although I did clam that I didn't know the reason for my mind's "left field" leap I remembered it later on..it started off as a smaller leap to the remembered thought of that mayo was at one point used as a sound effect (also chocolate syrup was used in that famous black and white shower stabbing scene)...


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lolita Birthday!

So my best friend's birthday just came and gone...and she had a lolita birthday party...well sorta...
Around the area where we live there is a nice shopping plaza and movie theater..the plan was to eat lunch and shop for a while then see a movie...unfortunately there was no movie showing around the time we planed to be there so we "skipped" the movie ( I will get to the "skipped" movie part later).

So here we go!
First off lunch! (my favorite meal) 
 As you can see we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and it was an experience! The music was great and they started to do the "YMCA" and all the servers danced and sang along...Very fun to watch I do recommend going if there is one near by! the food was great too! This beauty was the California burger it had a thick patty that was medium done, cucumbers, guacamole (which I got on the side), tomatoes, lettuce,  ranch, and Monterrey  jack cheese...Mmmm..
 This is my friend and the outfit she wore for her birthday!
Isn't she just cute!

Not everyone dressed up though, it was still kind of cold out and a few girls were waiting on new items to come in.
So after lunch we walked around and visited a few shops, talked and laughed and had a great time!
First off was a book store...and I adore books!
but we ended up playing around with the hats

Whoops she caught me taking this pic and didn't seem too thrilled....lol
We really liked this hat on her!

While we were playing around with the hats a lady with two little girls came up and asked one of us our age (she wanted help with buying a gift and thought of asking someone around the same age for help) though she didn't seem too impressed when we told her we were all above 20...lol ( just one of those moments when you realize how close minded some people can be).

We then visited a make-up store that was in the plaza but no pics of this...then we hit up a Forever 21...I got 2 necklaces may post pictures of them later. 
Then on to The Candy Factory! I love this place, though it could be because I love sweets! I did get a few things...some gummie coke candy and peach rings for my hubby.
We ended up walking around and wondering into a small bakery, and I can't remember the name but they had some cute things! like these..

These had glitter on them and were so pretty!
We got smoothies and a group shot. well sortof....some decided not to be in the shot...but here it is
Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Mysterious Stranger

You know when you fall asleep and start a dream but have no idea how you got in your dream or if it is real? That is how she felt when she woke up under the shade of a tree. The light filtering down between the leaves of the tree was warm and the grass felt soft. She rolled to her side and curled up and tried to fall back to sleep, to warm happy dream she knew she must have been having. A gentle breeze blew carrying the scent of honey and something else that was sweet and tangy. Her stomach grumbled at the smells compelling her to sit up so she could see where they were coming from. She was in a meadow with thigh high grass that was lush, soft and so very green, there was trees dotted through-out heading up a slight hill towards a forest. The trees were large with long arms for branches that when standing under seem to reach up and support the sky with their leafy hands. The breeze blew again carrying the sent of honey with it stronger now. Her stomach growled loudly now. She had to know what those wonderful smells were, so she started off in the direction she thought they were coming from. As she walked she let her finger tips run along the tips of the grass enjoying the soft feel and the grassy scent that it created. The light was warmer out side of the shade of her tree and the breeze that continued to blow felt even better out there. As she got closer and closer to the forest the smells of honey and that other tangy sweet scent got stronger and stronger making her stomach growl more often. She came to the edge of the forest and stopped before walking, she didn’t know this forest and wasn’t sure about going in. It was darker in there with those lovely trees closer together blocking more light; the grass was much shorter in the forest growing only as high as her ankles now. That gentle breeze blew with those delicious smells drawing her in the forest compelling her to enter till she could no longer resist and stepped inside.