Saturday, September 15, 2012

People are Weird..

Ok so I some times get asked some odd/stupid questions when I am at work...they go like this...

"Was the rotisserie chicken made today?" *customer holds up a container of out Hot Rotisserie chicken*.....( If you ever buy a Hot rotisserie chicken from anywhere never go back....its bad for your health to do so)

"So this Honey smoked, Maple glazed ham is it like a honey ham?.....( I got this today and had to try really hard not to raise my eye brow at the man asking this question....I kind of understand the confusion because it is smoked and glazed with honey and maple flavors but come on!)

Or people come up to our counter look at the meats in our case for like 5min. look up at us and ask, "Ya'll got any ham?" or " What kind of meat do you sell?"......( yea..ummm....I'm not gonna comment on that one....)

Some times a customer will walk up look at the meats and proceed to shout " Can I get a pound of ham, chicken and um.....Swiss!"....( First of the case that the meats are cased in are about 3 feet long each and we have 4 of people really think that they make that many different kinds of meats to slice for lunch meats?..yes sir I only carry one ham, turkey, chicken, roast beef, one bologna, we also have zebra, duck, goose, buffalo, horse, dog, cat, sheep.....ok I think you get my point.....and it kills us even more when the customer has been staring at the meats for a while too...and I don't mean just blankly staring at it. I mean they are bent over, face a few inches from the glass and we can see their lips move as they read some of the names.....)

Oh and seeing as we are next to the bakery area customers seem to think we know all about the baked goods...or can cut or Ice a name into a cake for them.....all I know how to do is run the bread through one of the slicing machines....

Some days I wonder if they do this on purpose just to mess with us or if they don't notice how much it annoys us.....especially when the person before them just did the same thing and we have to go through the same explanation or process....I don't know maybe one of you guys can tell me...or something because it just hurts to think people just leave their brains at home when they go shopping.....

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