Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I went shopping yesterday with my fiance, for groceries and the like,  and I had told him that we were going to get stuck in the rain. Sure enough by the time we were half way into our shopping it started to down pour. We ended up adding 2 umbrellas to our list of things to grab on the way out seeing as I had left mine in the car and that the only one we own is a small one person umbrella. So we find the area were the store keeps their umbrellas, and being a guy he get a basic black one nothing fancy, I on the other hand had my eye on one of those rainbow colored ones..when I came across this lovely umbrella

Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" I just love this painting and think it makes a lovely umbrella...The store also had this other umbrella

Which I am finding these lovely museum inspired umbrellas are absolutely fantastic! There are so many designs and I think they would make wonderful accessories to a lolita outfit! Think I will have to use mine with my favorite high waist-ed skirt from Fan+Friend.

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