Monday, January 28, 2013

A Mysterious Stranger

You know when you fall asleep and start a dream but have no idea how you got in your dream or if it is real? That is how she felt when she woke up under the shade of a tree. The light filtering down between the leaves of the tree was warm and the grass felt soft. She rolled to her side and curled up and tried to fall back to sleep, to warm happy dream she knew she must have been having. A gentle breeze blew carrying the scent of honey and something else that was sweet and tangy. Her stomach grumbled at the smells compelling her to sit up so she could see where they were coming from. She was in a meadow with thigh high grass that was lush, soft and so very green, there was trees dotted through-out heading up a slight hill towards a forest. The trees were large with long arms for branches that when standing under seem to reach up and support the sky with their leafy hands. The breeze blew again carrying the sent of honey with it stronger now. Her stomach growled loudly now. She had to know what those wonderful smells were, so she started off in the direction she thought they were coming from. As she walked she let her finger tips run along the tips of the grass enjoying the soft feel and the grassy scent that it created. The light was warmer out side of the shade of her tree and the breeze that continued to blow felt even better out there. As she got closer and closer to the forest the smells of honey and that other tangy sweet scent got stronger and stronger making her stomach growl more often. She came to the edge of the forest and stopped before walking, she didn’t know this forest and wasn’t sure about going in. It was darker in there with those lovely trees closer together blocking more light; the grass was much shorter in the forest growing only as high as her ankles now. That gentle breeze blew with those delicious smells drawing her in the forest compelling her to enter till she could no longer resist and stepped inside.

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