Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lolita Birthday!

So my best friend's birthday just came and gone...and she had a lolita birthday party...well sorta...
Around the area where we live there is a nice shopping plaza and movie theater..the plan was to eat lunch and shop for a while then see a movie...unfortunately there was no movie showing around the time we planed to be there so we "skipped" the movie ( I will get to the "skipped" movie part later).

So here we go!
First off lunch! (my favorite meal) 
 As you can see we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and it was an experience! The music was great and they started to do the "YMCA" and all the servers danced and sang along...Very fun to watch I do recommend going if there is one near by! the food was great too! This beauty was the California burger it had a thick patty that was medium done, cucumbers, guacamole (which I got on the side), tomatoes, lettuce,  ranch, and Monterrey  jack cheese...Mmmm..
 This is my friend and the outfit she wore for her birthday!
Isn't she just cute!

Not everyone dressed up though, it was still kind of cold out and a few girls were waiting on new items to come in.
So after lunch we walked around and visited a few shops, talked and laughed and had a great time!
First off was a book store...and I adore books!
but we ended up playing around with the hats

Whoops she caught me taking this pic and didn't seem too
We really liked this hat on her!

While we were playing around with the hats a lady with two little girls came up and asked one of us our age (she wanted help with buying a gift and thought of asking someone around the same age for help) though she didn't seem too impressed when we told her we were all above ( just one of those moments when you realize how close minded some people can be).

We then visited a make-up store that was in the plaza but no pics of this...then we hit up a Forever 21...I got 2 necklaces may post pictures of them later. 
Then on to The Candy Factory! I love this place, though it could be because I love sweets! I did get a few things...some gummie coke candy and peach rings for my hubby.
We ended up walking around and wondering into a small bakery, and I can't remember the name but they had some cute things! like these..

These had glitter on them and were so pretty!
We got smoothies and a group shot. well sortof....some decided not to be in the shot...but here it is
Thanks for reading!

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