Sunday, August 24, 2014


So lately I have started to work with some resin. This has been a fun and new experience for me  and I find working with resin quite enjoyable! Here are a few things that I have made that I thought were nice enough to be shared.

Some of these I have embellished with crystals and do not have pictures yet.

 I made this one for my Aunt's birthday, it is a key-chain and I even got the sand from my local beach so she could take a little bit of home back with her!

 This one is my brother's as an added gift for his birthday he loves his heroes!

 The elephant also ended up being a gift for my cousin if you can't tell the sticker is squishy
 This one is mine and is really big! people think its a Reese's cup! If you look carefully along the edge you can see the flowers I put in, the sticker is also squishy!
 I have a boy panda sticker that I want to make a pair with.
 I know it is hard to see but it does say "It's a Girl" when I started with the resin I got all different kinds of confetti and this is one and I was just playing around with them... If I had to do another one I wouldn't do the pink glitter, makes seeing everything too difficult.
 I really like this one the kitty almost looks like it is floating in a little galaxy! I have more kitty and puppy stickers that I want to use so more to come of these!
 I LOVE LISA FRANK! But not the human part of it...they creep me out a little. This is actually a tattoo! When this is held up to the light it has a cool effect with swirls and stuff.....want to do more!

 This is one of my favorite necklaces that I have made!

Was suppose to be just a "It's a Boy" but there was an accident and the whole thing got tilted so I added more resin to level it out and add the "It's a Girl" confetti so now it is "TWINS!"

So that is it for now but there are more in the making! Let me know what y'all think!

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