Saturday, August 23, 2014

Even still

This is for those of you who don't like to wear Lolita out side of the house or a big group.(I know it is SCARY!)

Are you scared or nervous of leaving home while wearing Lolita and doing so by yourself?
Well I know how you feel every time I leave my apartment, on a day off from work and spend the day doing what ever it is I do, I can't help but think, "Will any one harass me about my outfit or make a rude comment?" Well its gonna happen and probably has for some I know it can be a confident killer. But one thing I like to think about, after giving myself a pep-talk, is that most people wear outfits because they saw it in a magazine or its whats available and have no idea why they wear it or where the fashion style came from. As Lolita's we tend to research the beginnings of the Lolita fashion ( I know I did) and decide to wear it not only that we like it and feel comfortable but because it does have a good rich history behind the lace and frills. That and I like that this is a more sophisticated fashion with longer skirts and appropriate blouses. I am a O.T.K sock person and just feel wrong wearing any skirt or dress without them (kinda feels naked) and to me that seems less....what would a good word be? slutty? I already have pretty longs legs and when wearing skirts or shorts I feel as if I am walking around in my undies...its not a comfortable feeling and I feel that when I see a young girl walking around in "Daisy Duke" style shorts that she is showing way too much for my tastes..I like to keep in mind that not everyone is going to like the Lolita fashion but I do find many where I live that will stop me and say they like my skirt or want to know more about my outfit. I tend to ignore everyone else and keep a slight smile on my face because I am getting the rare chance to wear clothes outside my house that I like. Oh sure I say hi and nod at people I notice noticing my outfit but if they give me an odd look I either smile sweeter at them making them feel embarrassed that they were caught staring or they look away and leave me alone.

One day I was in Books-A-Million wearing one of my Lolita outfits and I was stopped by a little boy (about 9-12 in age I guess) and he asked me "why are you wearing that?". I LOVE how kids are honest and open and ask questions because they just want to know and not to be MEAN or rude. So in return I asked the little boy, "well, why are you wearing what you're wearing?", and without missing a beat he replied, " cuz what I am wearing is awesome!" and he turned and simply walked away.... Now I have posed that same response to anyone that asks why I am wearing any type of clothing.. and it makes them think about why they are wearing what they are and whether or not their question was appropriate...but I do always remind myself to be nice even if the other person has NO MANNERS and tell myself, " this will make for a funny story later!"

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